Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Alternative Models For The Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data In Areas Around The Magnetic Equator

A. A. Okiwelu
KEYWORDS: Equator, Model, Dipole, Remanent, Anomaly.


Four interpretational models are recognized in areas around the magnetic equator They are point pole, line of poles, point dipole and line of dipoles. Point pole models ore recognized by adjacent circular contours of magnetic high and low. while line of poles models are identified by elliptical contours of magnetic high and low adjacent to each other. When rnagnelic contours are simply circular or nearly circular the source is approximated as point dipole and contours of line of dipole model are always elliptical in shape. A decision between dipolar and monopolar model is made using the shape of magnetic signature. When a magnet;c signature has completely dominant low. the correct model will be a dipole. While a magnetic high flanked by low is approximated as point pole/line of pole (monopole). Magnetic signature that. does not assume any or these shapes is a pointer to remanenf magnetifation. The four interpretational models have close relalionship with half-width of magnetic anomalies and are therefore valuable for depth determination. The four interprelalional models have been employed to analyse aeromagnetic data from crystalline basement and sedimentary areas of Nigeria.

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