Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Effect of Bilirubin Concentration On Radiation Absorbed Dose Equivalent Using Lif (TLD-100) Chips

N. O. Egbe, B. F. Olisemeke, A. F. Nneoyi-egbe, M. U. Etung, E. U. Eyong, R. R. Ettarh
KEYWORDS: Bilirubin, radiation, absorption, radiotherapy, modifier.


The effect of bilirubin concentration on dose equivalent of absorbe radiation was investigated in vitro in this study. Different concentrations of bilirubin were exposed to a fixed dose equivalent x-ray irradiation from an R50 I x-ray generator. The fraction of radiation transmitted and the fraction absorbed were measured using LiF (TU) I 00) chips as detectors, and the radiation absorbed by bHirubin was computed. Result indicate that at low concentrations(2SµlllPl/L to 76µmol/L absorbed doses decreased with increase in bilirubin concentration. At higher bilirubin concentratjons.(76µmol/L to 460µmol/L) and beyond, there was an increase in absoption with a strong positive correlat.ion (r= 0.92) between dose absorbed and bilirubin concentration. The possible applications of this property ofbilirubin as a modifier at high concentrations to enhance radiation effect on diseased tissue during radiotherapy, and the danger inherent presenting neonates for radiodiagnostic examinations are discussed.

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