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Inter-Relationship Between Major Ions, Total Dissolved Solids and Conductivity In Some Tropical Fish Ponds

Edet Ekpeyong
KEYWORDS: Major ions, Conductivity, Tropical Fish Ponds.


Major ions, total dissolved solids (T.D.S), conductivity and their inter-relationships were investigated in eightfish ppnds located in lle-lte, Nigeria. Chloride concentrations were the least of all the ions measured. sulphateand magnesium concentrations were highest in station 7 while other parameters (potassium, chloride,calcium. alkalinity, conductivity and total dissolved solids (T.D.S) 'were highest in Station 6. The ponds belong to class (If the African waters since they all have electrical conductance of less than 600µs cm·1. Highest conducliv,, values were recorded between March and May and thereafter, values dropped gradually till the end of the investigation in August. Very high positive correlations existed between the summation of the total cations and anions, suggesting a direct relationship between the measured ions. Similarly, high and positive correlation:; existed between the total ions and electrical conductance and between total dissolved solids {T.D.S} and c:onductivity of the pond waters, also suggesting that increase in total ions still results in the increasing the total dissolved solids (T.D.S) and electrical conductance. These interrelationships are used to explain  the cortributive role of each ion to the total dissolved solids IT.D.S) and conductivity levels of a tropical fish pond

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