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Response of Water Leaf Vegetable (TALINUM TRIANGULARE JACQ) To Nitrogen and Organic Fertilizers In Calabar Area of Southeast Nigeria

U. C. Amalu, B. F. D. Oko
KEYWORDS: Water leaf vegetable, nitrogen and organic fertilizers, Southeast Nigeria.


Investigations were carried out to determine the growth and yield responses of waterfeaf (Talinium traingulare Jacq), a vegetable crop, to different sources and levels of nitrogen and organic fertilizers at the Teaching and Research Farm of the University of Calabar in a high rainfall area of Southeast Nigeria. The results showed as expected, that yield performance was better in manured than in control plots. Responses varied very widely with sources of manures in terms of vegetative growth and yields. Etlects of the compound fertilizer (NPK) were superior to single fertilizer (urea) and organic manure ( cowdung) in that order. Average cumulative fresh weight of waterleaf under the different manorial regimes were l .89kg, 1.65kg and 0.89kg for NPK, urea and cowdung respectively. Studies ,are, however, continuing to eriable us elucidate current fertilizer rates as well as develop optimum fertilizer formulae for intensive Talinum cultivation in the zone.

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