Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

The Effect of N-Fertilizer Application On The Brix, Pol, Fibre and Purity of Two Pineapple Cultivars (Ananas Comosus}

W. Ubi, C. P. E. Omaliko, M. W. Ubi, O. Ibor
KEYWORDS: N-fertilizer application, brix, pol, fibre and purity of pineapple


An experiment was conducted in March, 2004 at lwuru, about 15 km from the University of Cross River State Akamkpa Campus lo determine the effect of N-fertilizer apptlcation on the brix, pol, fibre and purity of two pineapple cultivers (Ananas Comosus}. Nitrogen fertilizer application exerted a signifrcant (F><0.05) effect on the brix and pol contents of the pineapple cultivars. There was 9.5% increase in brix content when N-fertillzer r~tEI increased from 100 to 150 and 20.2% drop in brix content and 31.4% drop in pol content when N was further increased from 150 to 200 kg Nlha, in smooth canyenne. The differences between cultivars in terms of brix .and pol contents were glaring with queen cultivar producing signifteantly (P<0.05) 10.1 and 14.6% more brix and pol contents respectively more than smooth canyenne given the same treatments. N-fertilizer especially at high rates reduced juice content and increased fibre content of the fruit later in the season. These results are discussed in relation to pineapple production and fruit quallity.

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