Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

The Estimation of Modified Non-Specific Solubility Parameter of Liquids By Correlation With Refractive Index and Molar Energies of Vaporization

Tim. C. Uzomah
KEYWORDS: Solubility parameter, refractive index, vaporization energy.


For apolar liquids, the modified non-specific solubility parameter g has been correlated with a form of the Lorentz-Lorenz refractive index function and the molar energy of vaporization per unit molar volume. and two expressions have been developed. Using one form of these expressions, and by introducing the contribution of dipole moment per unit molar volume, expressions for the estimation of modified non-specific solubility parameter of polar liquids have also emerged. These expressions however, have different values of the constants C and K for different families of liquids in order to yield estimated modified non-specific solubility parameter g not significantly different from the experimental values, g'p, for liquids. The K values obtained from a consideration of energy of vaporization per unit molar volume, for polar, associated liquids (alcohols) and polar non-associated liquids seem to lend support for the proposition of structural differences in these groups of liquids.

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