Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Chemical Analysis of Some Nigerian Gypsum and Limestone Samples Utilized By A Leading Cement Manufacturing Industry.

O. O. Ajayi, S. A. Dugbe
KEYWORDS: Gypsum, Limestone, Analysis, Purity, Impurity


X-ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF) was employed in the analysis of some local and imported stocks of gypsum and limestone utilized by a leading cement manufacturing industry in Nigeria. In addition, the recycled dust standard reference samples were also analyzed along with the raw materials in question. The gypsum samples were found to have purity varying between 86.3% and 96.17% for both local and imported stocks. The limestone stock had purity of 42.2% to 95.39%, and these samples were obtained locally within and outside the factory location. Impurities detected at a measurable level included Na, K, Al, Si, Mg and S, and these were calculated as their respective oxides. The production economy of the industry was aspired with respect to total dependence on locally produced gypsum.

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