Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Use of Triethylene Glycol To Dehydrate Natural Gas

D. Appah
KEYWORDS: Gas, Dehydration, Glycol, Hydrate.


A chemical method of water removal from natural gas, obtained in the Niger Delta where water-cut is more than 20%, is presented. Triethylene glycol (TEG) which has a low vapour loss is used to lower the dew point of 20 MMSCF/D gas containing 6 Ib H20 per MMSCF from 100° to 28°F at an operating pressure of 1000 psig. The wet gas, after scrubbing, was allowed to flow at counter-current Jo the TEG in 7-trayed separation stages. Gycol absorbs acidic gases present in produced water: These gases are easily flashed in the separator thereby. controlling conosion. The ability of TEG to dry a gas increases with concentration. Glycol, of pH= 7.0-8.5 when reconcentrated to 99.5 weight percent improves dehydration efficiency and lowers plant operating cost. To achieve this the outlet temperature should be higher than inlet by 10-15°F.

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