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Effect of Phyllanthus Amarus On Breeding Efficiency of Female Albino Rats

H. E. Etia, P. B. Udoh, B. 0. Asuquo, B. Okon
KEYWORDS: Phyflanthus amarus, breeding efficiency; female albino rats.


 Effect of P. amarus whole plant extract on breeding 'efficiency of female albino rate was studied. A total of twenty four (24) sexually matured female albino rats were treated with different concentrations of the ethanol extract of the whole plant of P.amarus. The female rats were mated with normal male rats of reproductive age after every administration. The different concentrations of the extract served as treatment. Under Complete Randomized Design (CRD), parameters studied were growth rate, litter sizes and weights at birth and weaning. Dominant lethal Mutation Index and conception rates were also calculated with appropriate formulae. The result showed significant (p<0.05) reduction in the litter size at birth and weaning, due to administered doses of the extract. Litter weight at birth showed no significant (p>0.05) different. No runts or stillbirths were recorded. There wasn.o significant (p>0.05), change in body weight of extract fed (treated) animals indicating no alteration in general metabolic status. Conception rates were negatively correlated with doses of treatment. with higher doses showing lower rates. Dominant lethal Mutation index showed increase in Mutation with increase in concentration of extract. Pre-weaning litter sizes remained the same as litter size at birth, indicating that there was no mortality. This study suggests that a component or components of the herb. P. timarus may affect the internal milieu that governs breeding efficiency in female albino rats

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