Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Health Status of University of Calabar Workers

Etete J. Peters, Rowland A. Esin, Kobina K. Imananagha
KEYWORDS: communicable diseases, urban workers, state of health


A One cross thousand, sectional five survey hundred was carried workers out repreamong University of Calabar workers to ascertain their health status. senting about 50% of the entire staff population were randomly selected for the survey. The workers were interviewed individually using a prepared questionnaire and this was followed by a comprehensive physical examination conductea by the investigators. Information on each worker was confidentially recorded in a protocol sheet prepared for each worker. The Fifty study (3.3%) revealed a persons high were prevalence of both communicable and non-communicable diseases among the and workewere not receiving any antihypertensive nd to be hypertensive. Of these 34 were diagnosed for the first time medication. Similarly, 1:8.3% of the workers surveyed had infectious diseases, 3% has various eye diseases, 2% were asthmatic whiie 1.3% were diabetic. These findings emphasize the need for more studies among workers  in urban areas and the call for improved screening facilities for the early detection and treatment of diseases.

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