Publisher: National Agricultural Research Projects

Proximate Analysis On Four Edible Mushrooms

Adedayo, Majekodunmi Rachel
KEYWORDS: Proximate analysis on four edible mushrooms


Proximate study was conducted on four edible mushrooms commonly found in farmlands in West Yagba Local Government Areas of Kogi state of Nigeria  to ascertain their nutritional composition. The specimens identified as Lentinus subnudus, Chlorophyllum molybditis, Marasmus species and Pleurotus tuber- regium were analysed for protein, carbohydrate, fibre and ash ( minerals) content.  The result shows that protein level ranged from 3.25mg/g in Lentinus subnudus to 10.88mg/g in Chlorophyllum molybditis, the carbohydrate level ranged from 1.92mg/g in Marasmus species to 3.48mg/g in Pleurotus tuber- regium while the ash content is between 85% to 90% and the p H tends toward neutrality in all the specimen. The high fibre content make them  a good source of roughages while their low acidity  and alkalinity confirms their edibility and the fact that they are not likely to contain poisonous substances which may make them toxic to human and animals after consumption. Their commercial production will be of multiple advantages to the nation.

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