Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

The Inverted-Triangle Technique of Converting The Computer Number Systems (BINARY, OCTAL AND HEXADECIMAL) To Decimal

S. O. O. Duke, J. N. Obidinnu
KEYWORDS: Inverted-Triangle, Graphical, Number System, Computer Science


Number system is the method of writing numerals to represent values. It is an integral part of computer science. It is therefore, necessary to provide computer scientists with a good understanding of number system concepts. Several methods exist in converting from one number system to another. In this paper, we introduce a new method, called the Inverted-Triangular-Technique for converting other number systems to Decimal. It adopts a graphical presentation that assumes the shape of an inverted triangle. Two models have been presented: one to handle Integer number conversions and the other handles the non-integer conversions. Demonstrations of the models are presented for clarity of understanding. This technique has been tested with numerous examples, and the benefits arising from its uses have been discussed.   

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