Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Geoelectric Investigations of Groundwater Resources At Onibode Area, Near Abeokuta South Western Nigeria

K. F. Oyedele
KEYWORDS: Aquiferous units, longitudinal conductance, regolith, resistivity contrast, abstraction wells.


Preliminary interpretations of electrical resistivity data from Onibode, near Abeokuta in the basement complex of South - Western Nigeria have been used to delineate zones of grondwater occurrence. The sites with low total longitudinal conductance values are indicative of poor zones of groundwater exploration while on the other hand, areas with high total longitudinal conductance are indicative of good groundwater exploration. Four geoelectric layers have been inferred. These correspond to the topsoil, weathered layer, fractured basement and fresh bedrock. Their resistivity values and thicknesses vary from 36-82 Ohrn-m, 65-110 Ohm-m and 156-268 Ohm-m and 1.2-2. 7 m, 13.8-29 m and 18-36 m for the first, second and third layers respectively. Two probable aquifer units have been delineated based on the resistivity values. The first was observed beneath the weathered layer and the main aquifer unit was observed beneath the fractured basement rock. Based on the distribution of the total longitudinal conductance coupled with quantitative interpretation, probable drilling zones of water supply boreholes have been identified.

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