Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Model For Clinical Management Using Body Mass Index of Diabetes Patients

E. T. Jolayemi, A. O. Abidoye
KEYWORDS: BMI, weight, admitting blood sugar reading, obesity, repeated measures, covariate, non-linear model, correlated errors.


The importance of body weight of patients on admission in the management of diabetes was studied using Data from the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital on the management of diabetes. Weight was partitioned into three groups: underweight, normal weight and overweight. Three models were used for comparison: a model that used weight of diabetes patient as a covariate, a second that used both weight and admitting blood sugar reading of diabetes patients as covariates and the third separate models for each of the three weight groups of diabetes patient as covariate.Results showed that the latter model performed better than the earlier two models that were considered on this study based on the adjusted R2. Also our finding revealed that the minimum expected days to bring down the blood sugar level to threshold value are: 8 days for underweight, 12 days for normal weight and 27 days for overweight.

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