Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Thermal Properties of Oil and Raffia Palim Fibres

Louis E. Akpabio, Samuel D. Ekpe, Sunday E. Etuk, Kufreabasi E. Essien
KEYWORDS: Thermal properties, oil and raffia palm fibres


Thermal conductivities, specific heat capacities and bulk densities were determined for some fibre samples from oil and raffia palms. Thermal diffusivities and absorptivities were evaluated for each sample. Results show that the thermal conductivity values for the different samples are within he range of the thermal conductivities of construction and heat insulating material which is between 0.023 - 2.9 wm-1K·1• Raffia palm frond fibre has the greatest thermal diffusivity of 3.4 x 10·8 m2s·1 while oil palm frond fibre has the least diffusivity of 1.9 x I 0-8 m2s·1.A model was developed for the prediction of temperature variation with thickness of the samples. Prediction from the model show that raffia palm frond fibre will make the best choice over the_other fibres for use in making insulation fibre boards. The various fibre samples could also, be used for lateral and bottom insulation in the making of simple solar oven/cooler.

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