Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

A Geoelectric Investigation For Groundwater Development of Orita-Obele Area, Near Akure Sw Nigeria

A. O. Adelusi, O. Balogun
KEYWORDS: Hydrogeophysical characteristics, Bedrock structures


A geophysical investigation of the study area has been carried out, which involved the use of vertical electrical sounding (YES) Wenner array using R-50 DC Resistivity meter. The geoelectric sequence identified in the area showed six geoelectric units; corresponding to four lithological units which are the loose sands/sandy clay/laterite/clayey sand top soil, the clay zone, the weathered basement and the bedrock with layer resistivities of 16-380 ohm meters, 14-130 ohm-meters, 145-247 ohm metres and 340 842 ohm-metres respectively. The layer thickness also range form 0.3 - 5.0m, 1.1 16.0m, 15.5-25. Jm respectively and an infinite thickness for the bedroc;k. The varying thickness (1.1-61.0m) of the clay zone constitute a major problem in this area in siting hand dug wells; therefore the use of deep wells and/or boreholes seems relevant even for domestic use to ameliorate the seasonal nature of the hand dug wells only when they are established within the aquifer units. The aquifer units in this area is mainly of the weathered basement and the fracture unconfined/fracture confined aquifer types; thus J'evealing the hydrogeophysical characteristics of the area.

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