Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Growth and Nutrient Utilization of Varying Levels of Toasted Bambara Nut (VOANDZEIA SUBTERVANEA) Based Diets For.Clarias Gariepinus Fingerlings

L. O. Tiamiyu, S. G. Solomon
KEYWORDS: Growth performance. Nutrient utilization, Bambara nu1. Clarias gariepinus. Fingerlings


Growth performance of Clatias gatiepinus fingerlings fed with isonitrogenous diets containing varying graded levels of bambara nut based diets at 0%. 10%: 20%; 30% and 40% inclusion levels were investigated. The five (5) experimental diets were formulated al 40% crude protein and were fed to the fingerlings for a period of 56 days The fingerlings were fed at 5% body weight twice daily at 10.00hrs and 16 OOhr Each hapa was stock with 20 fingerlings of mean weight 11.60 ! 0. 11g and each treatmentwas duplicated. Evaluation of growth and nutrient utilization parameters monitored differed significantly (P<0.05) for mean weight gain (MWG); specific growth rate (SGR), food conversion ratio (FCR); protein efficiency ratio (PER) and apparent net protein utilization (ANPU). Fish fed diet (T 3) had the highest MWG. SGR. PER. ANPU and lowest FRC. while those fed diet (Ts) responded poorly in terms of growth. The results obtained from this study suggests that toasted bambara nut incorporated at 20% inclusion level had the best growth while at 40% resulted in poor growth. This is indicative that at higher levels of incorporation. fish being a non-ruminant may not be able to digest and utilize the bambara nut meal. This may also be attributable to the fact that digestibility of energy feed is affected not only by the source and nature of the carbohydrate feed but also the level of its incorporation.

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