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Ethno-Zoological Knowledge and Perception of The Value of Insects Among The Ijebus (SOUTH WESTERN NIGERIA)

A. D. Banjo, O. A. Lawal, O. A. Olubanjo, O. A. Owolana
KEYWORDS: Ethnozoological, Insects, Nutritive value, Ritual, Nigeria.


An ethnozoological survey of insects among ljebu people of Ogun State was carried out to examine the importance of insects and their by- products in the life and economy of the people. 260 questionnaires were administered among the rural based traditionalist and farmers majorly who fell between the age of 56 and above 75% of the people confirmed the nutritive value of Macrotermes nigeriense while 70.4% reported the consumption of Anaphae sp as food items, 82.3% and 90% of the people confirmed the nutritional importance of /Vlacrotermes belliscossus and Anaphae sp respectively. Other insects consumed for nutritional purposes are Ma/lodon downesi, Pupae of scarabaedae beetles and Brachytrypes sp desplte certain taboos attached to the utilization of Brachytrypes sp; Macrotermes nigeriense and Anapleptes trifaciata equally, Apis mellifera; Anap/Aptes trifaciata; Brac/"1ytrypes sp; Macrotermes nigeriense; Carnponotini brutus and Cryptothelia rougeoti are useful items for ritual purposE;s; while Periplaneta americana; Macrotermes nigeriense; cat'nponotini brutus; Brachytrypes sp; & Musca domestica are essential materials for healing wounds, curing of ailments, spiritual protection, preparation of aphrodisiac for women and potency medicine for males.

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