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Physico-Chemical Studies of Soil Along The Banks of Mili Shallow Stream In Nnewi, Ananmbra State of Nigeria For Evidence of Industrial Pollution

B. A. Uzoukwu, O. R. Onomake
KEYWORDS: lndustrial pollution, monitoring, physico-chemical parameters, soils, Nnewi


The physico-chemical properties of soils along the banks of Mili shallow stream in Nnewi, Anambra State of Nigeria was investigated for possible evidence of industrial pollution. The parameters investigated include pH, chloride, nitrate, sulphate, phosphate, Hydrocarbon, alkaline and heavy metal contents of the soil extracts and digests. The data were compared with those of two control stations at Nza Ozubulu and Uzoakwa lhiala of the neighboring towns. The pH of'soils from banks of the Mili stream sampling stations have values less than 5, indicating that soil acidity is wide spread along the banks of Mili stream. Hydrocarbon and lead contamination of soil along some parts of the banks of IVlili stream was found to have occurred. Thus, a mean lead concentration of 11.9 ±9.0 mg/kg was recorded. Hygrocarbon concentration as iligh as 30.1 mg/kg of soil was recorded around Resources Improvement and Manufacturing Company Limited (Rimco). Statistical analysis was carried out on the data and is concluded that there is evidence of soil contamination along the banks of Mili Ele and Rimco industrial parts of the Mili stream.

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