Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Some Physicochemical Properties and Application of Alpha- Cellulose From Pennisetum Purpureum As A Disintegrant In Tablet Formulation

G. C. Onunkwo, K. O. Iroegbu
KEYWORDS: Tablet, Physicochemical, disintegration, alpha -cellulose


This study was undertaken to process a locally available tablet disintegrant from Pennisetum purpuroum in order to reduce importation of such pharmaceutical excipients into the country. Some physicochemical and flow properties of the processed G-cellulose were studied. The cellulose was also employed as clisintegrant in some tablet formulations. Some of the physicochemical and flow properties evaluated were, moisture content, bulk density, packed density, Carrs compressibility, angle of repose and Hausner quotient The tablet properties studied were, disintegration time, hardness, friability and dissolution rate. The prepared u-cellulose had poor flow properties since it recorded high values of angle of repose, Carr's compressibility and Hausner's quotient. All the batches of tablets passed tl1e weight uniformity test. Tablets formulated with the u-cellulose showed lower disintegration and dissolution times than the tablets containing maize starch as disintegrant. Hence the processed G-cellulose could be employed as a locally available substitute to rnaize starch as a tablet disintegrant

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