Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Analysis of Aeromagnetic Data Over Garkida and Environs, North-Eastern Nigeria

A. Nur, E. Kamurena, S. Kasidi
KEYWORDS: Garkida and Environs, Spectral analysis, Depths, Lineaments.


The study area lies between latitude 10o00’ and 11o00’N and longitudes 12o 15’ and 13o 15’E in the North-eastern basement complex of Nigeria. The total magnetic intensity over Garkida and its environs after the digitization showed magnetic signature ranging from 7720 nT to 7960 nT. Two dimensional Spectral analysis of Aeromagnetic data over the area has been carried out in order to determine the average depth to magnetic sources .The analysis indicate two source depths which vary from 750 m to 2285 m for deeper sources and 150 m to 744 m for shallower sources .The deeper magnetic source depths in the northern part of the study area coincide with the margins of Chad basin bordering the basement complex; while the shallower depths indicate the presence of intrusive rocks in the area. As illustrated in the azimuth diagram, the magnitude and structural trends of NE-SW, NW-SE, E-W and N-S observed in the area could be good host for secondary mineralization. The structural lineaments from this study are in agreement with the reported deformational Episodes in the area.  

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