Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Economic Effects of Crude Oil Spillages On Crop Farms In Rivers State, Nigeria

T. P. Ojimba
KEYWORDS: Crude oil spillages; environmental impact; economic losses on crop farmers; Rivers State; Nigeria.


This article focused on economic effects of crude oil spillages on crop farms in Rivers State, Nigeria. The objectives of the study were to calculate the areas of crop farms spilled by crude oil and estimate the corresponding economic losses. Data for the study were collected using a multistage sampling procedure. A total of 170 questionnaires were distributed among crop farmers in selected 17 local government areas of Rivers State, out of which 169 questionnaires were retrieved and retained for data analysis. Total area of crop farms spilled was 548.09 ha, of which about 80% were accounted for by heavy and medium oil spillages. About 83% of the economic losses ($148, 925.19) incurred by farmers were also accountable to heavy and medium oil spillages, while mean value lost per hectare of a crop farm affected was $307.15. Therefore, the study concluded that oil spillages reduced areas of farmland available for cropping, thereby causing serious economic losses in form of income and output, accruable to the crop farmers in the state. To ameliorate these difficulties faced by crop farmers in Rivers State, it was recommended that comprehensive scientific rehabilitating programme and diversification of sources of income for farmers is embarked upon through effective extension and rural education programmes.

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