Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

A Kinematic Model For Calculating The Magnitude of Angular Momentum Transfer In An Accretion Disk Time Independent Case

J. A. Obu, F. O. Faithpraise
KEYWORDS: Keplerian Velocity, Shear viscosity, Accretion Disk, Coefficient of Vorticity


Keplerian velocity laws imply the existence of velocity shear and shear viscosity within an accretion disk. Due to this viscosity, angular momentum is transferred from the faster moving inner regions to the slower-moving outer regions of the disk. Here we have formulated a model for calculating the magnitude of angular momentum transfer in a steady-state accretion disk using only two parameters; the transport coefficient of vorticity,ω and the rate of change of angular velocity with radial distance, dΩ / dR . With this model, the mass accretion rate in an accretion disk , can be determined without necessarily making use of the observed value of the luminosity of the accreting system.  

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