Publisher: National Agricultural Research Projects

The Challenges of Rapid Urbanization On Sustainable Development of Nyanya, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria

Sunday P. Ejaro, Aisha Abubakar
KEYWORDS: Rapid urbanization, false urbanization, infrastructural facilities and services , land use, land cover, sustainable development


The study examines the challenges of rapid urbanization on the sustainable development of Nyanya, Abuja. An interesting finding of the study is that the primary factor for the rapid urbanization of Nyanya within a short period of time is migration. The consequence of this rapid urbanization and population rise within a short period is that infrastructural facilities and services are grossly inadequate to cater for the population. The study reveals that there is inadequate good quality housing, poor waste management, inadequate electric power supply, inadequate good quality domestic water supply, inadequate and unaffordable health care facilities, poor environmental health and traffic congestion on the Abuja city-Nyanya-Maraba-Keffi road. These challenges do not commend Nyanya as a satellite town on the path of sustainable urban development. Recommendations proffered to address these challenges include; urgent need for the AbujaFederal Capital Territory Administration to embark on urban renewal of Nyanya. Adequate infrastructural facilities and services should be provided for the residents. Mechanism for periodic review and upgrading should be put in place to ensure a qualitative built urban environment, with adequate resources and facilities to support a sustainable healthy living and economic progress of the residents of Nyanya

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