Publisher: National Agricultural Research Projects

Assessment of Potential Abatement Provided By Annona Muricata (PRICKLY CUSTARD APPLE LEAVE) On The Toxic Effects of Aluminium Chloride On Albino Rats

Prosper Opute, Murice E. Imiuwa, Onwuka Ify Taiye, Prekeyi Tawari-fufeyin
KEYWORDS: Rattus norvegicus, Aluminium Chroride, Annona muricata.


The toxic effects of aluminium Chloride (AlCl 3) in albino rats ( Rattus norvegicus ) have been studied. The species weighing 250 ± 20g were administered varying concentrations of the LD 50 (3630mg/kg body weight), ½ LD 50 (1815mg/kg body weight) and ¼ LD 50 (907.5 mg/kg body weight) of aluminium Chloride solution orally as drinking water for six weeks after which it was discontinued. The specimens were grouped into three. The first group was administered the various concentrations of (AlCl 3) with no abatement, while the second and third groups were administered the same concentrations of (AlCl 3) as the former but were fed respectively with 20% and 50% by weight of aqueous leaf extract of Annona muricata mixed with their feeds for six weeks as abatement. Blood samples were collected for biochemical analysis. The results showed significant increase in the levels of urea, creatine, aspartate aminotransferase (AAT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), alanine aminotransferase (ALAT), total glyceride, total bilirubin, total cholesterol and glucose levels (P<0.05). However, significant decrease in the levels of these parameters was observed with the application of A. muricata. This reveals the potency of A. muricata leaves to abate the effects of the poison in the kidney and liver of mammals.

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