Publisher: National Agricultural Research Projects

The Checklist and Abundances of Small Mammals In Idu, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Akpan, A U, Esenowo, I K, Egwali, E C, James, S
KEYWORDS: Small mammals, Abundance, Anthropogenic activities, Conservation


A study of the abundances of small mammals was conducted in Idu, Uruan L.G.A of Akwa Ibom State Nigeria from April to December 2013. Indirect and direct methods for the observation of small mammals were employed in the area under study.  A total of 36 individuals, consisting of 3 Orders (Rodentia, Carnivora and Pholidota) and 7 families of small mammals were encountered.  The most abundant was Thryonomys swinderianus with a percentage of 63.88 followed by Rattus rattus 16.66, Cricetomys gambianus 8.33 while Crossarchus obscurus, Atherurus africanus, Xerus erythropus and Manis tricuspis accounted for 2.77 respectively. The Thryonomys swinderianus had the highest body mass of 3.9kg while, Manis tricuspis has the highest body length of 79.9cm.. The abundance and diversity index of small mammal encountered were low and this may be attributed to deforestation, habitat loss, hunting and other anthropogenic activities in the study area. There is therefore a great need for conservation and management practices to protect these vulnerable mammals and their habitats.

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