Publisher: National Agricultural Research Projects

The Impact of Cow Dung Augmentation For Remediation of Crude Oil Polluted Soil By Eleusine Indica

Essien, E B, Ifeanacho M O, Nwachukwu G A
KEYWORDS: Crude oil, Cow dung, Contamination, Heavy metals, Eleusine indica


This study was conducted to evaluate the Enhancement of Remediation by Eleusine indica through augmentation of soil with cow dung. The soil was contaminated artificially with 50kg, 75kg and 100kg crude oil. over  8 weeks period. The study included an assessment of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heavy metal (Cd and Pb) accumulation in soil of Eleusine indica.More PAHs was lost from soils augmented with cow dung than from the non-augmented soil. The heavy metals (lead) were in the augmented soils than from the non augmented soil, while heavy metal (cadmium) shows an insignificant amount. Significant differences were noticed between the augmented soils and the non-augmented soil (p<0.05). The results obtained in this study show that augmenting crude oil polluted soils with cow dung will enhance remediation and restoration of crude oil polluted soil

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