Publisher: National Agricultural Research Projects

Some Advice About The Water Strategy of China To Keep The Water Balance In 2025

Xianglong Wei, Wanqin Xie, Jinling Xu
KEYWORDS: Water Strategy, Water Demand, Math Models


Water resource is crucial for human survival. And fresh-water is the constraint for the development of China. In order to realize the sustainable development, we build three mathematical models for determining an effective, feasible and cost-efficient water strategy to meet the projected water demand of China in 2025. These models are as following: model of the cost of water transfer, model of the water price and the model of desalination plant construction cost. All the models are based on the forecast of the water demand and supply of China in 2025. Based on the result of these models, we propose some advice about the water strategy to meet the water demand of China in 2025, such as: building desalination plants in the coastal provinces which are lack of water, carrying out the inter-basin water transfer projects in the middle of China, setting a reasonable water price based on the market economy and et al.

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