Publisher: National Agricultural Research Projects

Physico-Chemical Properties of Serendipity Berry (DIOSCOREOPHYLLUM CUMMINSII) Fruit

Abiodun, Oa, Akinoso, R
KEYWORDS: Carotenoids, Fruit, Physico-chemical properties, Serendipity berry


This study evaluates the physico-chemical properties of serendipity berry. Physico-chemical properties of the serendipity berries were analyzed. The total number of berries in a bunch of fruit ranged from 45 to 98. This depends on the size of the bunch. The results revealed the dry matter, moisture, soluble solids and vitamin C to be 19.56%, 80.44%, 11.20% and 12.80mg/100g respectively. Titratable acidity and pH were 0.21 % and 6.6 respectively. The number of berries per bunch ranged from 45-98 and the 10-fruit weight was 5.30g.   Total carotenoid value was 2.01 mg/100g in the fruit. The fruits have appreciable amount of total soluble solid which could serve as a source of energy. Serendipity berry fruits compared relatively with other fruits used in the fruit industry

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