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Growth Assay of Histoplasma Capsulatum Var Duboisii On Different Cave Soil Extracts

I. N. Abia-bassey
KEYWORDS: Growth assay, Histop!asma capsulatum var duboisii, caves, soil extracts


Studies were carried out to assay the colonial growth patterns of an isolate of Histopiasma capsulatum var duboisii on different cave - soil agars and assess the effect of these soil samples on the growth of the fungus. The isolate of H. capsulatum var duboisii used for the study was from a case of African histoplasmosis diagnosed from University of Calabar teaching hospital, Calabar. Nigeria. The growth was assessed using the colony size method. Modified soil extract agars were prepared from soil extracts collected from three bat· infested caves in Cross River State of Nigeria namely Agwagune, Bukulum, Wula ar:d garden soil. The colonial growth patterns of H. capsulatum var duboisii showed a mean growth temperature of 30°C. The fungus also showed a better growth pattern on Bukulum soil extract agar with a peak colonial growth diameter of 38mm, followed by garden (35mm). Agwagune (32mm) Wula (29mm). Generally. the soil extracts showed no remarkable effect on the growth and survival of the t.mgus when compared with garden soil, thereby

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