Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Induction of Model Time-Related Airway Inflammation In Wistar Rats With Crude Extract of Periplaneta Americana

M. E. Eko, M. U. Eteng, O. N. Omokaro, I. B. Umoh
KEYWORDS: Inflammation, Asthma, Induction. P americana, Rats.


Pulmonary inflammation in bronchial aiiways is an obvious hallmark in bronrJual asthma. Asthma-like responses were induced .in wistar rats with crude extract of Periplaneta americana. Wistar rats were sansitized with the crude extract on day 0, and chalfenge:d twice with me extract on ciays i4 and 21. Bronchoafveolar lavage fluid (BAL) extracted from crude extract-induced rats and f'.'hosphate buffered saline (PBS)-induced control rats were examined at 12 hc:urly intervals up to 72 hours post induction. The crud.a.extra.ct-induced rats displayed a high level of airway inflammation characteristic of cockroach-induced asthma compared with the PBS-induced rats: This involved increased total leukocyte counts, percentage neutrophils, lymphocytes and eosinophils at all time points examined. There were peak inflammation time of 24 hours for eosinophils and lymphocytes and 36 hours for neutrophils. The reimlts showed evidence of late airway inflammation in BAL of P. americana crude extract-induced wistar rats comparable to aiiway inflammation of antigen-sensitized human asthmatics. These results are discussed together with the significance of wis.tar rat asthma model in the current herbal asthma therapy validation trials.

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