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Influence of Media Composition On Acid Protease Production By Aspergillus Niger (NRRL 1785)

F. M. Olajuyigbe, J. O. Ajele
KEYWORDS: Acid protease, Aspergillus niger(NRRL 1785), fermentation media.


Aspergillus niger (NRRL 1785) has been reported as a good produCer of acid protease with optimum pH of 4.0 using glucose as the sole carbon source and peptone as sole nitrogen source. The production of acid protease by A niger (NRRL .1785) using other carbon sources (lactose, sucrose, starch, maltose as glycerol) to substitute for glucos.e and.other nitrogen sources (urea, casein, beef extract, groundnut meal and corn steep liquot) to substitute for peptone were studied. The effects of media . r.omposition on acid protease production were determined. All the fermentation inedita with different carbon and nitrogen sources tested supported acid protease production. Peak of enzyme production for all fiedia composition was at the 96th hour of fermentation though at varying yields. Lactose supported the minimum production of 23.80 Umr1 amongst the tested carbon source (glucose substitutes) while beef extract supported ma· um protease production amongst peptide substitutes with protease activity of 19.95 Umf'1. None of the media tested measured up to the protease production in the control medium containing glucose as carbon source and peptone as nitrogen source, which gave protease activity of 26.05 Uml^-1 The result of this study gives a strong indication that A. niger (NRRL 1785) is 9apabte of utilizing different carbon and nitrogen sources for acid protease production. Economically, this strain seems to be promising as an alternative microorganism for acid protease production.

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