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Vernonia Amygdalina Del: A Potential Prophylactic Anti- Diabetic Agent In Lipid Complication

I. J. Atangwho, P. E. Ebong, E. U. Eyong, M. U. Eteng, F. E. Uboh
KEYWORDS: Vernonia amygdalina Del, Hypolipidaemic. Antihyperlipidaemic, Diabetes mellitus


In a study to evaluate the potentials of some indigenous African herbs in ameliorating hyperlipidaemia, acomplication of diabetes mellitus, aqueous extracts of Vernonia amygclalina Del (African bitter leaf). were administered enterally by orogastric intubation to 2 groups of rats (alloxan induced diabetic and non-diabetic groups) at a dose 400mg/kg body weight for a 21- day period. Both the diabetic and non-diabetic control groups received placebo treatment. Lipid fractions including TC, TG, HDL, VLDL and LDL were assayed in serum obtained from treated as well as control animals. Both diabetic and non-diabetic treatment groups showed significant reductions (P<0.05) in serum levels of TC, TG, VLDL and LDL but increase in HDL relative to their respective controls. However, treated non-diabetic animals showed a significant (P<0.05) decrease in weight, whereas diabetic treated animals gradually gained weight. The extract is both hypolipidaemic (prophylactic) and antihyperlipidaemic (curative). Vernonia amygdalinaDel could reduce body weight and circulating lipid fractions, risk factors in aetiology of type II OM as well as prevent or delay onset of complications of lipid metabolism in diabetes, through its antihyperlipdaemic effects.

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