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Histological Studies of The Pancreas of Wistar Rats Following Administration of Nicotiana Tabacum (SNUFF)

M. A. Eluwa, T. B. Ekanem, A. O. Akpantah, N. O. Ifegwu
KEYWORDS: Nicotiana tabacum, histology, pancreas, wistar rats


This study was to find the probable effect of Nicotiana tabacum (snuff) on the histological features of the pancreas of adult wistar rats. Nicotiana tabacum is a product of smokeless tobacco which contains many toxins and high levels of nicotine. Twenty male wistar rats weighing 200-210g were used for this study. The control group received distilled water, while the experimental groups   received 0.4mg/ml to 0.8mg/ml of snuff solution respectively for 6 weeks, orally with the aid of orogastric tube. Behavioral changes observed includes; polydipsia, polyuria, rapid discharge of faecal droppings, tremor, restlessness, and hyperpnoea. These observations were more intense the in group of animals that received 0.80mg/ml of snuff solution. Histological changes showed degeneration, vacuolation and necrosis of pancreatic acinar cells, hyperplasia of islet of Langerhans in the group that received 0.8mg/ml of snuff. These changes may be attributed to one or more constituents of snuff such as nicotine which has cytotoxic activity.  

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