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Analysis of Factors Facilitating The Adoption of Manure Contract Among Rural Farmers In Zamfara Grazing Reserve

R. A. Omolehin
KEYWORDS: Adoption, manure contract, rural farmers, soil fertility, northern Nigeria


This study evaluates the factors that affect the adoption of manure contract as soil managemeflt strategy in the study area A Probit analysis was used to analyse factors that facilitate farmers' adoption of manure contract in the study area. A total of 85 adopters and non adopters of manure contract were sampled using structure questionnaires administered in 2002 on farmers in Dumburum. Shamashalle, Ajja and Tsabre all within the Zamfara grazing reserve in Zamfara state Results of the Probit analysis has shown that the length of days involved in manure contracting, the previous contract retationshif:,, tribal affinity. trust and seeing others in the past getting involved in manure contract were the important factors facilitating farmers adoption of manure contract m the study area. The results has demonstrated the interdependence of croppers and herders within the Zamfara grazing reserve and the positive role manure can play in facilitating this vital relationship thereby reducing conflict over resource use as well as contributing to enhancing farmers crop production, and herders animals production in the area. One could therefore infer that resource-poor rural farmers in Nigeria are very innovative In adapting to local resources like manure through local exchange relationship in solving vital production problems in their locality

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