Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Determination of The Chemical Composition, The Physicochemical Properties of The Oil Extract and The Amino Acid Profiles of The Seeds of Telfairia Occidentalis (FLUTED PUMPKIN)

U. D. Akpabio, O. U. Eka, J. A. Ukpong
KEYWORDS: Chemical composition, Telfairia occidentalis seed, physicochemical properties, amino acids profiles, oil seed.


The chemical composition of the seed of Telfairia occidentalis (fluted pumpkin), the physicochemical properties of the seed oil and the amino acids profiles of the seed protein have been determined. In proximate composition, the crude fat content of 58.41% indicates that the plant seed is an oil seed. Its protein content of 28.88% is high, it contains vitamins A and C and a number of nutritional minerals, it also contains tolerable amounts of toxicants (antinutrients). The physicochemical properties of the seed oil show that the oil has high saponification value, low free fatty acid, low peroxide value and specific gravity of 0.87, thus indicating that the oil is an edible one. The amino acids profiles of the seed protein show that the seed contains a good number of essential amino acids which compare well with FAO/WHO protein (standard) and the Hen’s Egg protein. These results are discussed in terms of the nutritional values and the industrial potential of the seeds of Telfairia occidentalis.

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