Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Application of Adjustable Kernel Method In Test Evaluation

E. J. Osemwenkhae, C. C. Ishiekwene
KEYWORDS: Psychological test, target density, bandwidth, adjustable kernel and heavy tails


This work is motivated by the appearance of heavy tails when estimating· learners' performances in most psychological tests. Explaining this appearance of heavy tails poses a problem Over-smoothing the target density by using large bandwidth may tend to remove this abnormal tail behavior, but this result in masking some essential features in the distribution. Conversely, smaller bandwidth can result in under-smoothing of the true density and thus gives a biased estimate of the density under study. Therefore, in any psychological test involving heavy tails. we observe that adjustable kernel method is better for fitting this density than its fixed kernel method. However, when heavy tails are not suspected. fixed kernel method may be easier in assessing learners' performances.   

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