Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Studies On Performance of Broiler Chickens Fed Oil Palm Slurry

J. K. Kagya- Agyemang, B. K. Meteku, M. A. Afishata
KEYWORDS: Oil palm slurry, broiler chickens, growth performance.


A ten-week feeding trial was conducted using 72 Cobb commercial broiler chickens to study the inclusion of oil palm slurry (OPS) in broiler diets. The 1-day-old chickens were randomly allocated in groups of 24 birds to each of the three dietary treatments. The chickens were:given conventional feed containing 75 and 150 g kg·1 levels of OPS. The control diet did not contain OPS. Feed and water were supplied ad libitum. Broilers fed on diets with 75 g kg·1 OPS inclusion recorded the highest feed intake. body weight gain. feed conversion efficiency and dressing percentage. The abdominal fat content of carcass showed a significant (P<0.05) difference amqng the treatment means. The control group had the 1 highest proportion of lean meat and therefore recorded the best carcass quality. This was followed by birds fed on diet with 75 g kg· OPS inclusion. Birds fed on diet with 150 g kg·1 OPS inclusion recorded the highest abdominal fat content and hence the poorest carcass quality. Therefore. the inclusion of 75 g kg·1 OPS in the diet of broiler dlickens from 1-day-old to finishing could minimize the high cost of feeding broilers.

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