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Econometrics Analysis of Semi Intensive Beef Cattle Fattening In Adamawa State, Nigeria: A Case Study of Yola South Local Government Area.

B. H. Gabdo,, S. I. Msheija, I. M. Polycarp, F. I. Usman
KEYWORDS: Econometrics anal;1sis, Semi intensive, Beef cattle fattening, Profitability and marketing routes.


A study conducted at the eleven wards of the study area drew seventy seven respondents, seven from each ward to ascertain the input-output relationship and profitability or othefl.vise of three years semi intensive beef cattle fattening enterprise. Analysis was carried out on sixty respondents whose data were intact till the end of the collection period. Of the four functional forms used, the Cobb Douglass regression analysis gave the best fit and it revealed that the inqependent variables; feeds (X2), initial weight (X1), labour (X5) and wc1ter (X4) wer<:: significant to ttie dependent variable- the final weight (Y). The regressors in descending order of magnitude were; feeds, 111itial weight, labour, water, medicaments and utilities. The profitability status revealed a positive negligible average net income of N 1,711.60, thus. profitable, but not commensurate considering the investment duration. Also identified were the marketing routes of the enterprise. Timing, dearth of record keeping and inefficient inputs utilization were the major identified constraints. Policy recommendations on timing periods of glut and disposal, feeds randomization and absolute record keeping are avenues towards accelerated positive net income of tl1e enterprise to attain a lucrative status to farmers.

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