Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Enhancing The Wash Oil Antifouling Action In A Cracked Gas Compression ( CGC) System.

L. Uyigue
KEYWORDS: Gas Compression, Polymeric Fouling, Antifoulant, Quality Parameters and wash oil.


Pure grade samples from operational wash oil (used in cracked gas compression unit), light cycle oil, heavy residue and heavy diesel oil were obtained. Miscible blend samples of ratio 1: 1 were also obtained from wash oil/light cycle oil and wash oil/heavy residue. These samples were subjected to characterization and the following quality parameters were measured, namely: aromatic content, specific gravity, gum content and distillation range. The results obtained from Tables 2 and 3 for wash oil/heavy residue blend, sample E, showed 44.10, o.:951, 6.72 and 184.2°c - 223.2°c as aromatic content, specific gravity, gum content and distillation range respectively. These quality parameters were se.emingly consistent with the standard for wash oil (Table 3). Enhanced antif:Siuling and dispersing action were observed to be adequate in the wash oil I heavy residue blend, sample E probably due to its high aromatic content. Heavy residue, sample C was therefore seen as most suitable blending solvent for the operational wash oil, sample A.

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