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Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Mixed Convection of A Radiating and Viscous Dissipating Fluid In A Heated Vertical Channel

C. Israel-cookey, M. A. Alabraba, V. B. Omubo-pepple
KEYWORDS: MHD, mixed convection, radiation, viscous dissipation, heated channel


The paper investigates the effects of radiation on combined free and forced convection of a fully developedmagnetohydrodynamic (MHD) fluid in a heated infinite vertical channel with viscous dissipation. when the temperatures of the channel walls are equal and vary linearly with the heights of the walls. The velocity and temperature fields together with the flow rate and rate of heat transfer are obtained by invoking the optically thin limit for the radiative heat flux tn the energy equation and a regular perturbation for small Eckert number. Ee. The effect of radiation and magnetic parameters are presented graphica!ty. Also. the variation of flow rate and the rate of heat transfer are given in tables The results show that increase in magnetic freld parameter led to a decrease in the velocity profile (for fixed radiation): while for fixed magnetic field parameter increase in radiation parameter led to increase in the velocity profile. Also, simultaneous increase in radiation and magnetic field parameters led to a progressively flatter velocity. In addition, separate increases in both radiation and magnetic field parameters led to decrease in temperature within lhe channel with a flatter regime recorded for higher values of radiation and magnetic field parameter. Also, the now ratA increased with increase in radiation parameter, whereas the reverse is the case with increase in the magnetic field parameter Finally. the rate of heat transfer decreased with increase in both radiation and magnetic field parnmeters

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