Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Estimation of Levels and Trend of Infant and Child Mortality In Nigeria

E. C. Nwogu
KEYWORDS: Estimation, levels, trend, Infant and child mortality, Indirect technique


Estimation of levels and trend of infant and child mortality in Nigeria is discussed in this paper. Trussell variant of the original Brass method has been applied to the 1981/82 NFS, 1990 NDHS, 1991 PES and 1999 NDHS data to derive the estimates of the indices used in discussing mortality levels and trend. Results of the analyses indicate that the East pattern of the Coale-Demeny model life tables appear to be the most appropriate to describe the mortality pattern in Nigeria. Although infant and child mortality level is still relatively high, there are indications that it is declining. It has therefore, been recommended that the East pattern of the Coale-Demeny model life tables be adopted in estimating demographic parameters in Nigeria. Further improvements on the levels of maternal and child health care, especially during pregnancy, delivery, and up to the age five years have also been recommended.

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