Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Enhancement of Hydrocarbon Recovery By Modified Solvent Extraction

K. A. Ibe, J. O. Offem, V. N. Osabor
KEYWORDS: Hydrocarbon, extraction, enhancement, batch, adsorption.


Sixty water samples collected in January and.March, 2002 from the Qua lboe River and its associated Creeks were used in this investigation. In January, 2002 thirty water samples were collected from 10 stations consisting of 3 samples per station. In March, 2002 another batch of thirty water samples were similarly collected. The samples were subjected to different hydrocarbon  extracting solvents and extraction conditions. Of the three· extracting solvents, hexane yielded the highest concentration of hydrocarbon (mean concentration of 58.93 +- 31.50mg/l) while dichloromethane yielded the least (mean concentration of 31.8.3 t 1 J.68mgA). Under different conditions of extraction with hexane, the highest concentration of hydrocarbon was obtained in batch 1. with a mean concentration of 63.30 +- 33.84mg/l followed by batch II with a mean concentration of 62.87 +- 33.46mg/l and then batch Ill with a mean concentration of 31.49 +- 17.60mg/l. The 100ml and 50ml of n-hexane added in batches I and II prior to sampling reduced the adsorption of hydrocarbons to the vessel walls. Thus, the amount of hydrocarbon extracted in batches I and II relative to batch Ill was increased.

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