Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Fecundity, Gonadosomatic Index and Size At Maturity of Bonga, Ethmalosa Fimbriata In The Coastal Waters off The Cross River Estuary, Nigeria

D. Ama-abasi
KEYWORDS: Life history, Ethmalosa fimbriata Cross River Estuary, Nigeria


Studies were conducted to determine the fecundity, gonariosomatic index and length at maturity of bonga, Ethmalosa fimbriata. in the coastal waters off the Cross River Estuary. Fecundity of bonga ranged from 20, 120 to 190, 374 eggs per female with a high degree of variability. The fecundity was directly correlated with body weight (r2 = 0.53, p $0.01, n = 116). The GSI ranged from 2.70 to 16.9%, with the peaks between November and January, indicating the spawning period. Male bonga matured at the size of 22.5 cm while female bonga matured at the size of 23cm. This information is useful in the stock assessment of the species.

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