Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

The Effectiveness of Sources of Information and Farmers Awareness of Farm Practices In Rural Communities of Kaduna State, Nigeria

T. O. Fadiji
KEYWORDS: Awareness. farm practices. rural farmers, improved maize. sources of information


In this study the sources .of infonnation. rural farmers' awareness on some re;ommended technologies and recommendations on farm practices were examined A total of 125 farmers who grew improved maize were sampled, and based on their responses. data analysis earned out using descriptive statistics The three objectives of the study were, ( 1 ), to identify the relevant sources of extension information available to rural farmers. (2) lo examine the extent of usefulness of sources of extension information to rural farmers; and (3) to es:ablish respondents' awareness of selected technologies/recommendations. Findings reveal that the relevant sources of extension informatl~n ava1labl~ lo rural farmers were: radio, extension agent, fellow farmer. agricultural shows, village heads, slides/firms, traders, written materials and television (TV) In addition. findings show thal most of the farmers found the sources of extension information identified useful except for television and slides/films which were considered not very useful further findings reveal that ma1onty (95%) of farmers were aware of the recommended practices/technologies on the following,improved maize, seed rate. seed dressing, plant spacing, fertilizer application. post-harvest processing, and storage. In addition, the study shows that lhe highest number of farmers adopted the selected technologies/recommendations occasionally. followed by those frequently, not at all and rarely. in that order

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