Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

The Effect of Varying Energy Levels On Organ Weights, Hematology and Some Biochemical Characteristics of Serum In Broilers

I. I. Bitto, P. K. Usu
KEYWORDS: Broilers; Energy; Organs; Hematology; Serum.


120 Anak broilers were used to determine the effect of die.tary energy on the weights of visceral organs, the hematology and some biochemical characteristics of .serum in broilers at the finisher phase. After 4 weeks of brooding on deep litter floor on a commercial starter diet offering 23% CP and a ME of 3300 Kcal/kg, !hey were allotted to three dietary treatments (in groups of 40, with 2 replicates of 20 each), compounded to provide an isonitrogenous CP level cif 20% and either low energy (2800kcal/kg), medium energy (3,000 kcal/kg) or high energy (3200 kcal/kg). Results after 5 weeks of feeding ad libitum showed only similarities between the treatment groups in all the parameters investigated. These results suggest the adequacy of the low and medium energy diets as 'well as the safety of the high energy diet where adjustments must be maae in dietary energy at the finishing phase depending on the peculiar circumstances of individual farms.

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