Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Intraspecific Hybridization In "Egusi" Melon, Colocylynthis Citrullus L.

V. O. Ntul, E. A. Uyoh
KEYWORDS: Colocynthis citruflus, intraspecific - Hybridization, Heterosis, Fruit colour inheritance


lntraspecific hybridization in Melon, Colocynthis citrullus L was carried out in the botanical garden of university of Calabar using three varietie.s namely "sewere" (S) "barablackedge" (BB) and "barawhite (BW). They were cr.6ssed in all possible combinations including their reciprocals Average percentage fruit set of 18.1 was recorded. Colour of young fruits and colour of mature fruits were each found to be controlled by a single gene pair (monogenic inheritance). Chi-square analysis of the datn on inheritance showed a good fit between observed and expected ratios Jri. all tl1e populations. Analysis of, variance for some gmwth characters studied showed that most of u,e hybrids obtained did not differ significantly from their parents (P >0.05) in leaf length, number of leaves per branch, stem width, vine length at maturity and height at branching. However, hybrid BW X BB was found to have produced significantly (P<cJ 05) longer internode length than its parents. Hybrids BBXBW, BWXBB, SXBW and BVV x S showed better parent heterosis for vine length at maturity. These findings may prove useful in future breeding work involving tile crop.

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