Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Inhibitory Effects of Selected Disinfectants and Antiseptics On Some Resistant Strains of Pseudomonas Airuginosa.

A. Lateef, J. K. Oloke
KEYWORDS: Disinfectants, antiseptics, resistance pattern, Pseudomonas, resistant isolates.


The effects of commercial preparations of some disinfectants and antiseptics on thirteen resistant strains of Pseuclomonas aeruginosa were investigated. The chemical agents used: Dettol, Septol, Z germicide and 70% ethanol common in use in Nigeria for household and laboratory disinfection showed good antibacterial efficacies resulting in at least 92% killing when the cells were exposed to the agents within a period of 1O minutes. Antibacterial activities of the ct1emical agents are in the order: 70% Alcohol>Dettol>Septol>Z germicide. The sensitivity of the isolates to commonly used antibiotics was evaluated using commercial antibiotic discs. About 23% of !he isolates were resistant to gentamicin. while 54% showed resistance to streptomycin. In all, 23% were resistant to all the antibiotics tested. Although, all the isolates were resistant as obtained from the discs, different pattern of resistance were obtained based on the source of the isolates. The soil isolates were less resistant to the antibiotics than the clinical isolates as they were susceptible !o streptomycin and gentamicin. The extent of resistance shown by the isolates has serious public health irnplications.

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