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Occurrence of Parasites In Psiudotolithus Llongatus and Cynoglossus Slnegllnsis In Cross River Estuary, Nigeria.

J. T. Abraham, P. A. Akpan
KEYWORDS: Examined, Infected, Parasites, Prevalence, Isolated.


Pseudotolithus elongatus and Cynoglossus senegalensis were examined for ectoparasites and endoparasites in dry and wet season months (November 2002 - April, 2003 and May-October 2003). 96% (76) out of 400 specimens of Pseudotolithus elongatus examined were found to be infected by Capillaria sp, Acanthocephala sp and Oiplostomum commutatum. 37% (148) of Cynoglossus Senegalensis were also found to be infected by only Oiplostomum commutatum. 17.5% (35), 2.5% (5) and 3.5% (7) of Pseudotolithus elongatus were infected by Capillaria sp, Acanthocephala sp and Diplostomum commutatum respectively during wet season months and 12.5% (25), 0.5% (1) and 3.5% (7) of these parasites respectively ouring dry season months. Prevalence of 23%, 3% and 5.5% respectively were recorded for these parasites in Pseudotolithus efongatus. Mature Dipfostomum commutatum were isolated from Cynoglossus Senegalensis while only the metacercaria of the parasite were isolated from Pseudotolithus e/ongatus. Tlie parasites isolated from the fistl species examined are likely to be responsible for some fish borne infections.

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