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Determination of Infiltration Characteristics and Suitability of Kostiakov and Philip Infiltration Models In Predicting Infiltration Into Soils Under Different Treatments.

E. E. Oku, A. N. Essoka, S. I. Oshunsanya
KEYWORDS: Infiltration, western Nigeria, infiltration models, vetiver, orgnomineral fertilizer


Infiltration is the key to soil and water conservation. Management and conservation activities as flood, erosion control, irrigation planning, distribution of precipitation and ..vater economy within rooting zone are exceedingly important role played by· infiltration. Nine infiltration runs replicated 3 times each, under the influence of vetiver grass strip; soil treated with organomineral · fertilizer (OMF) and a bare soil, were determined by means of double ring infiltrometer. This was to test the simple infiltration models and compare the performances of these models in predicting infiltration and characteristics of soils under these different soil treatments. Infiltration values were subjected to Kostiakov and Philip's model to obtain the soil parameters. Measured and predicted infiltration were further subjected to simple linear regression analysis. Philip's model showed better accuracy (R2= 0.9f)} than Kostiakov's model (R2 = 0.97) for soils under vetiver grass strip influence. Philip's model (R2=0.99) was superior to Kostiakov's model -(R2 = 0.97) for soils under influence of organomineral fertilizer treatment. For bare soils, Philip's model was superior in predicting infiltration (R2= 0.94) compared to kostiakov's model (0.07).

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